July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

7 – Attractive


9 – Forgot it was a service





general details

I saw Liz’s reviews and knew that she was somehow different from most providers. This turned out to be a correct assessment. Liz is a very down to earth, artistic and open minded woman. I had an enjoyable time with her, and it just didn’t feel like a business transaction at all- more of an adventure. I called her in the morning and made an appointment for later that evening. For a moment, it didn’t look good- called from the street and she wasn’t answering. Then she finally picked up and said she was ready to go to sleep. She seemed like she hadn’t remembered me making the appointment. Anyway, I talked her into staying up a little longer and seeing me- I’m glad I did. She showed me around her apartment- which had a lot of interesting things in it. She offered me some wine, which we sat down and drank together. It was all very laid back and friendly. Then she had me get undressed and up on a massage table. Then I saw the kinkier side to Liz…

The Juicy Details

I mentioned to her that I really liked my prostate massaged. She had no problem getting right into it. Then she started talking about enemas. When I mentioned I had never had one, she was quick to volunteer to break me in. Next thing I knew, I was enjoying the soothing feeling of warm water entering my bowels. Wow- quite nice. After that, I was enjoying going down on her and playing around with HER ass. She seemed to enjoy it and had only one request- keep the fingers that had been in her ass out of her pussy. No problem. Anyway, then she climbed on top and rode me hard. A little later I was giving her a friendly good bye kiss at the door. A very enjoyable (and interesting) visit.