Mondrian and Michael
December 17, 2012
The show
December 17, 2012

Liz:  I’m at the Beverly Wilshire .. nice digs you want to have drinks?

Hannah:   Ooh, how’s the bar? Are they going to accept me in ragged shorts and a vintage “Video X” t-shirt?

Liz:   I just checked in – you will be a matter what your wearing!  Hot rich guys here!  great place for a martini. It’s a beautiful hotel. Im pretty sure I have visited a client here before.  It will be fun! I have a major delux suite booked at Mondrian for my visit with Michael ; ) on the 23rd. wanted to make it “special” lol  plus I’m shooting a model named Michelle Amara – she will do hustler type shots – I invited Michael to my assistant.  : )

Hannah: I’m stoked. Just checking them online and they have three different bars. What’s your room number? Or shall we meet in one of the bars? I can be there between 7 and 7:30.

And I can’t believe what a naughty boy Michael is! I believe that is the day after his GF goes back to Italy. You two will tear that room up!

Liz:   lol yeah thats my plan  ; ) (to tear up the room that is)

Next day—-

Liz: wow!  I totally corrupted that girl  ; ) the one we met at the bar! She’s going to do photos with me wants to cum to NYC with me and play.. an  excellent friendship..made lol .We hung out with a bunch of guys tonight I just got home..super drunk but had a great time!

Hannah:  And so who were the new guys? Where did they come from? And what was that girl’s name? I knew she was ripe for corruption. Lonely, yet bright, looking for connection—open to women because she never was loved by her mom.

The guys at valet made fun of my dirty old car.

Liz:  I gotta stop drinking so much!  I have a horrible hang over -That girl we met at bar wants to do photos and play with me ; ) I think I might have already wrote you a drunken email. We hooked up with “Hansome guy” for a bit but by the time he came back we were with 2 other guys – made out with them outside as we were getting in cars (short drive..thank god) I think my guy is going to call tonight.. I cant remember how we left it, I know he wanted me to stay – but.. didn’t want to not make use of my room! I’m a mess this morning though. I guess in my drunken state I texted Michael last night iviting him and his gf over lol – he sent message back this morning saying he was sorry he missed message but looking forward to Mondrian  ; ) The other guys were sitting at round table behind us but I think they came in after you left. One is an actor – he also looked familiar but didn’t ask what hes in. I was with the guy that handles the actors money lol

I just did someone famous – a musician. I recognized him but don’t know his name but he lives in LA and NYC has a place in Soho – he wants to get together again tomorrow night.. he has blonde hair – I will find out his name – I know hes “big” just terrible with names lol

Hannah: Yes, the fun always happens after I leave, but then I’m all talk anyway, I blush to say. Can you believe I’ve been faithful for 15 years? It just seems to work out that way, but too, you have the freedom to act on your whims, and I don’t, and I see that so many of your hook-ups are just spontaneous and that’s why they work so great. So funny you don’t know the musician’s name. Young or old? I never know who anyone is, either.

I could tell last night that “Handsome guy” is more into us older white bitches than our black friend. He lit up right away when I paid attention to him last night and we started talking about sex immediately. After all, he’s just looking to play, but the difference was striking, and then you showed up and his response was the same, all ready to go. So, did you hook up with “Handsome guy”? Figure out who the musician was? Or just getting ready for your night with Michael?   And what was that girl’s name?

Liz: oh yeah…”hansome guy” has been texting (non stop) sent a photo of his cock..much much better than ‘Australian dick”.  I’m glad my new phone is getting some new cock photos lol  He wants to hook up badly. lol. I am moving to Intercontinental tonight (another nice hotel) and my musician texted me several times yesterday (he calls me mommy) and have another session scheduled at 5 .. I will ask him his name lol – he wants to do me with TS Jaguar but I haven’t been able to reach her.

The girl at bar we met is Chalisa,  I heard from her today. I’m going to shoot her at Mondrian and she wants to go up on my site as an “interactive model” that’s what I call it anyway lol. I go to Mondrian tomorrow – now have (besides Michael day) Chalisa and another model named Michelle Amara – shes pretty.

I will probably have “hansome guy” over tonight or tomorrow. I’m not really into fucking him. But who knows. I’m open.. lol  I did a preacher yesterday – for real – from Oklahoma lol  he was hesitant to tell me – but it all came out lol   He was into trying EVERYTHING. I popped his cherry.

Hannah: So her name is Chalisa? Won’t being an “interactive model” mess up her engineering future? Or maybe that was all made up? You never know with people. You and I just tell the truth, but many don’t.

Liz: no I think she’s real. But she definently wants to play for pay.. with or without camera and wants to be “guided” its interesting that young women come to me..asking for “a how to” kind of I have “helped” several break in.   Sort of like a madame.. I guess?

I had another guy last night that typed out a long scenario on his phone it was hot and really went into it as a role play from the minute I walked in the door –  I was his “best friends mom” it went really well.   Must have been a mom day. I hope it continues if you know what I mean! I gotta get on the road – you know you are welcome to come hang out at Mondrian tomorrow or following day they have a beautiful sky bar -and I can invite hansome boy over we can play mom and aunt or something.

Hannah: Oh God, the mommy thing. So many guys want to fuck their moms. Guess it’s just part of loving them, but still…