a little guy
December 16, 2012
Mexicans in Malibu
December 16, 2012

Liz:   I had a 6 ft 10 black guy last night. I didn’t have to bend down much at all to get him in my mouth – we were showering together and I swear to god his cock (large of course) practically at chin level.
He was staying at the Ritz but came over to my place – Basketball player (playing against Lakers) he wouldn’t let me do pictures (this time)

 I told him about Kimberly.. not sure how we got on that subject – but he wants to meet her.  Maybe have him over with all 3 of us.
Hannah: Would be fun just to see him if nothing else. And his dick ;-). I sat next to a black guy about 6’5”, 400 lbs on the plane coming back from Vegas Monday night. There was only a little bit of seat left for me, as he had to open his legs really wide to fit in the seat. Good it was a short flight!
Liz: oh yikes a seat belt extender kinda guy.   My basketball player was in incredible shape (obviously) – abs that were killer.  We can all share him.. he’s really hot..and nice too. Hes about 24,  But he’s mature.
Hannah: Who needs mature? I met a couple dumb ol’ country boys in the airport bar in Vegas and remembered how much I like dumb white trash. They sure did like me too!