July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

6 – Nice


8 – Went the extra mile





general details

I exchanged a few calls with her, having seen her ad once some time ago on CL. She was always easy going and willing to work with my schedule. She is located downtown LA, and travels to SF at times. I suggest paid parking at any of the surrounding lots (between $5 and $15). It’s much safer than street parking, especially at night. Her place is very interestingly decorated, albeit a bit industrial. It is nice nevertheless. We arranged for a meet at 9 PM, and she was ready for me with a mostly naked body when she opened the door. She was very friendly and we talked for a while after I got in. She was in heels and a bikini bottom, that’s it. She offered wine and was very easy going.

We talked about what I liked and what I didn’t like (nothing heavy) and she asked me to lay down…

The Juicy Details

She heated up the oil and spread it all over me, proceeded with some light massage all over, she then jumped on the massage bed and was rubbing herself all over with her naked body while I was laying on my stomach. She was reaching everywhere including my ass and my cock. After some time, she had me turn over and her hands were rubbing me all over again including my cock and my nipples. She then worked down below by some light rimming and licking my cock.

She gave me a pretty good BJ w/o cover and eventually stroked me to completion while stimulating my ass.

I showered and left. Her overall attitude is good and frienly. This one I would recommend.