July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

7 – Attractive


7 – Hot time


willing and fun


nice hotel

general details

I had not seen an escort in LA for several years and had noticed Liz from her photography. Not sure how I came upon it, but it was sexy and I hoped she would be. I called around the first of the year and she told me she would be busy for the time frame I had. So I dropped it until summer.
She was very open and sexy on the phone and at the first meeting at the door. I decided to reach for her with the door open and she was happy to reach back, giving my crotch a sexy squeeze. Just what I needed.

The Juicy Details

I kissed her, or got kissed by her at the door and was pulled into the hotel room. LAX jets were landing somewhere near but all I could hear was her half whisper asking what I wanted and laughing as I had trouble telling her. I
She was happy to let me strip off the sheer whatever it was from her and she helped me get out of my golf shirt and pants. We went to the bed and she surprised me by offering wine. It wasn’t bad and we took sips between kissing and fondling. I told her i was curious about fucking her from behind ever since I saw a picture of hers but only got the word ‘behind’ out before she pulled me dick-first to the edge of the bed
I had condoms and reached for one I had dropped on the bed and got it on. She played with her pussy and with my balls while I did so. Then I was inside her and she really helped me moving. She is not a small girl. Her ass is sort of made for fucking (not literally as far as I know) and I felt her pounding my cock into her. It was like that. More her than me I think. I had a good hard orgasm and then realized I had used maybe 20 minutes of time.
We had talked about dinner or a late lunch on the phone and she ordered something from room service. It was going to take too long and I had to go. She is very comfortable naked and touched herself while I watched, half dressing and half jacking off. She leaned over to help but one was going to be enough, sadly.
She doesn’t push or try to get more money. I left it right beside the lamp where she pointed and she acted like it wasn’t there. I leaned over and kissed her pussy and then her nipples.
Have to tell you I thought about staying for the food and maybe more. There’s younger out there but probably not nicer or more willing. I asked her if all the S&M references were true and she didn’t get it at first, i don’t think. I was going to bring up her photography adn then her phone rang or buzzed (as it had several times)quiently, not a problem, but I thought i had gotten my money’s worth. I told her I was curious about a little light S&M and she told me enough to convince me to look no further. I would think she was up for anything and I’ll thry to get back and find out. I think she would be a really great 1st time for that type of sex. i say that because of the strapon dildo she dug out of the closet when i asked. She said would you like this and I guess the look I gave her was enough. So I’ll be seeingher again for new ground to be covered.
definitely worth it if you tire of the bubble headed cheerleader / young but dumb segment of our sport.
As I was about to zip my pants she gave my balls and cock a gentle rub and reached past toward my ass with a sly smile. I think she’s more into that than I am. Should be interesting.