Told “daddy” ! oops!
December 16, 2012
offered myself up
December 16, 2012

Liz:   I had a fun night out with Annie…wow.. she’s quite a ..tiger if that’s the right word to describe her lol   We are planning to mold this guy friend of hers cock together.. and she suggested we blow him together to get it hard first lol maybe you

shouldn’t tell her I told you..not sure .. if its a discreet thing or not..forgot to ask. but I had 3 scotches (black label of course).  I told her when we do it (after our seperate Hawaii trips – we happen to be going just weeks apart) I told her I want to video it for my site. lol. she seemed to be “ok” about it.. but she drank a bit too – but certainly a fun thing to think about.  Shes cute. Such gorgeous eyes and hair. If I were a lesbian I would be in love… or at least in lust.

Hannah: You mean “my” Annie? From the office? She does have beautiful eyes, if that’s who you’re talking about. How did you guys hook up?

Liz:   yeah your Annie : )   We hooked up the first time for drinks after the Pedro book launch, thats when she met Brandon and a few others. Since then we keep in touch and she asked if I wanted to meet for a drink in Silverlake.   : ) went to a place called the Living room.

Hannah: I mentioned to Annie that I heard you guys had a great night out and she acted like she didn’t hear me, so maybe she was drunk and doesn’t want to own up. Oops!

Liz:  lol yeah.. maybe shouldn’t have mentioned it to her. lol    We talked about doing some pretty explicit stuff – so might be a bit shy about it. She must know by now, Im pretty unfiltered – Well will see how it goes- we talked about going to a spa – she said Beverly hills springs .. which sounds nice. She is either in Hawaii now, or leaving soon and I actually go there on March 7th.