Beverly Wilshire hotel
December 17, 2012
December 17, 2012

Liz: Michael said he wants to do a show of my erotic photos  He told me before the blow job lol just don’t want to give the impression I’m getting the show because I blew him..not that I would really care.  He asks me to email him photos just been holding off becasue of all the “drama” and thought I would just wait.. but maybe will send him a few tonight.

Hannah: He’s clearly a horny young boy. He always starts unconsciously twiddling his pecs when we talk, probably stimulating his nipples, and not even aware.

Liz: I invited him to a stripper pole party tonight .. I told him he could bring a friend lol.  He said he couldnt go, but sent me an invite to the opening.  I emailed his daddy too and told him I would “behave” and said that I think I might have scared his son by all my ideas of role play lol but didnt want to corrupt him.  I wonder if I was a topic at breakfast this morning lol

After the show:

Liz:    Wow, that was fun.  Good to see you tonight … Thanks for getting me home : ) I had a really good time… I’ve had 10 days of not being “social ” so was so over do 🙂Hannah:   Glad I could get you home safe. I was worried that you really shouldn’t drive, given that you were unused to fun for awhile.
Liz:  Michael called me…. That bad bad boy  :   )
Hannah: And what did our bad, bad boy have to say? He’s in the next office right now.
Liz:   Oh funny lol we are going to get together next week or week and half, I told him I was really busy.. I actually am but also didn’t want too appear too available.  We talked about the print I bought and we are going to talk about doing a show together. Conversation was flirty though.. Cute .. I love his laugh  :  )
Hannah:  So he’s a horny little boy. And you know his girlfriend is leaving at the end of next week, and he’ll be here another month by himself, so lots of time for fun!
Liz:  It would be fun if you and me did a 3some with him…or maybe to weird and awkward… But I can'”picture” it’ after all he brought his friend for me …seems only fair I should be able to bring mine! Lol. But maybe its just me now being a horney girl. Lol.
Hannah: It¹s the Summer Solstice, a day when pagans would have wild sexual celebrations. Are you busy? Oh yes, it’d be fun, but then I’m around him all the time and he’s even at my gym now. Might be too much!