Penile Implant
December 16, 2012
Basketball player
December 16, 2012

Liz:  well I’m certainly …fucking a lot.   I think I told you about my little person?  I still think about it was a couple of weeks ago. He wasn’t “officially” a midget.. uh little person (what ever is PC) but he was probably about 4’5 ish and had a regular sized dick.  I did the whole mommy thing with him. Sort of predictable but was fun for me. I had an O from it.   : )
Hannah: And he could get hard? I had a midget once and he couldn’t; had a dick like a baby though.

 Liz:  yeah .. he got hard. But I think he said he might not be able too – but he actually came in the shower with me (which is first part of session)- he was surprised then I got him on my massage table and he came again.. came at the same time as me in fact – it was really hot.
Keith kissed me : ) btw.  I think..he’s coming back around. persistence is a beautiful thing lol
Gotta go, I have a guy on way – its a busy day for a “holiday” lol
Hannah: This isn’t much of a holiday, but they have the day off, so with time on their hands men will play!  So you really are winning Keith back, Hmm?
Liz:  yeah I saw him 3 weeks ago we were in my hotel room and I gave him a massage and start licking his asshole.. you know .. and he likes it, but sort of resists it..(sort of) then I come up to him and say ..come on Keith..(like get with it, already). Then I asked him if he was seeing anyone and he said “sort of” so I slide off him (lots of oil on us lol) and start to cry and say “you should leave”  he goes and I slam door behind him. I didn’t text or talk to him for the next couple of weeks – which is hard for me to go that long.
I hate it when we are “fighting’ makes me feel all unsettled.  I texted him telling him I was coming into town – he was on his way to China, so when I got into the Bay area the only time we could spend together was me giving him a ride to the airport. It was a nice ride, the make up “sweet and nervous I’m sorry kind of talk” without actually saying it.  We play with each others hands and fingers in between me changing gears, occasionally going for each others leg, I wore a short skirt deliberately and he commented on how he liked my outfit. My magic bra on and low cut blouse, boobs abound.  I almost hit a pedestrian when pulling up at the airport..and we both nervously laugh and joke that I should try not to kill anyone lol. We park in loading zone which is always stressful with stupid security on you  the very second you pull in. He kisses me in the car but wasn’t really expecting it felt kinda awkward. But I’ve been all warm and fuzzy since our brief little ride.
Hannah: I figured Keith probably had something else going and that was part of why he was acting like he does. But “sort of” leaves plenty of room.