vaginal guy
January 14, 2013
playing dress up
January 14, 2013

Nathan: I will be in LA next week  in Anaheim.

Liz:   Anaheim…ummm ok, not really my kind of place hmm.ok … for you ..sweetie I can come to you, but normally would never go there!  I was supposed to have a 3 some but I didn’t like the couple that much I’m at 4 seasons but gonna head home.

Nathan: You don’t have to come to Anaheim silly!  I might come to Malibu (aka the “bu” ) that Sunday stay with you. You met them and called it off?   I want a 3 some with you and tranny friend!

Liz:  We can do 3 some when you get here can find a couple thru lifestyle lounge, I’m a member platinum… gold member I think.. lol yeah cum to the “bu”!  I got a cat btw!!  Guess what I call her?

Nathan: Ha! I’ll bet you call her pussy?! I do want a 3 way!  Maybe me and another guy – we will spoil you!

Liz:  Yes I call her “pussy” figured should call it like it is. I laugh every time I call her “where’s my pussy”? often find myself touching myself while calling

Nathan: I used to call mine “my sweet little pussy” I like cats..dogs too.

Liz:  I love… dogs… lol but you already know that. love labs 😉

Nathan: I want to see that soooo bad! you have NO idea! for some reason I’m dying to see you suck and fuck a big dog. A black lab would be awesome!  If we could have a dog for 24 hours it would be a check mark on my bucket list. I really want to see you lick him and he lick you – then a hard fuck.

Liz: lol  – ok we will try and fit it all in lol – we’ll have an extra slutty time. Cool fucking music here, like the guitar player – he’s cute. I’m vibing at 4 seasons lol singing “I’m a gowboy, wanted dead or alive” Rif Rif… hot chicks dancing, boobs hanging, boots and short skirts. (singing) “la la… walk these streets la la ..wanted…mmmm dead or alive” fucking great song.  Yeah its a weird set up here..lots of hot people but seats are seperated in way thats hard to mingle. Probably hotels efforts to discourage hookers lol   – wish you were fucking here! Hmm this place is not what I’m used too – strange.  I’m in Westlake its technically Ventura County lol people are different here though. somethng not as fun..weird almost, can’t put my finger on it (so to speak) I’m taking a cab home after this drink.

Nathan: I so wish I were there! oh wait..your in Westlake Village? Get the fuck out of there!  I  stayed there a couple of times and its psycho urban hell!  I want to have a wild night with you Boobs on a dance floor would be great!

Liz: You should see the text I sent Keith tonight lol. all funny .. sexy etc. telling him about 3 some etc. he’s cool …well “Keith cool” guess who just texted! “our” sweet daughter K. did you text her ..slut!!?

Nathan: OMG! stars are aligning! tell her I say hi!

Liz: Here’s a forward of what I sent my daughter- “I’m at 4 seasons hotel right now, was going to do a 3 some but I wasn’t feeling it”. Then sent her a smiley just to “pg” it up a bit, to be a good mommy lol

Nathan: Percfect! I hope that I’m in a room with you two someday. I’m alone now and half hard in the living room. Thinking of you. And a little bit about your daughter now. Damn I hadn’t been fantasizing about her for a whiile and you just brought it all back! Love you!

Liz: I hooked up with lead guitar player lol had a feeling I would.