What happened?
December 20, 2012
sluts abound!
December 25, 2012

I have this guy, a client. I’ve seen him twice before hes about my age, very good looking, from Israel,  – Parks his new Porsche behind mine (which puts mine to shame) – he does something with hotels – builds them or …owns them,  not sure but the guy drops money by peeling off 100’s off a wad. We get along well – intense kind of sessions. He has been wanting to bring his girl friend over, but had to keep a secret that he has seen me before. So last night (after Santa) they came over. I’m good at hiding that me and him know each other – too much practice or maybe just comes naturally lol – but we end up massaging her shes 24 btw gorgeous – of course like a body to bow down too. I straddle her, oil poured down my tits and still wearing a tight short black skirt the boyfriend is standing there helping rub and motions me to stick my fingers up her pussy I was a little nervous because she thought this was a legitimate massage only but I do it anyway, she raises up slightly and I finger her as best I can 😉 very lovely wet pussy.  He looks at me and unzips his pants. I suck his cock quietly so she doesn’t know. She wants to flip over onto her back, so he put his cock back in and she said, how about we do you. He undresses and gets on the table while me and her drink wine and watch him get undressed. Nice body I admire it as if I had never seen it before.  We trip hot oil on him and both rub out hands across his chest – thinking I must have her pussy smell on me as I run my hands across him.  We both start stroking his cock, her long blond hair drags across his chest and I take my fingers and stroke his balls and outside his ass hole – didn’t take long for him to cum.