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July 22, 2011
July 23, 2011

7 – Attractive


9 – Forgot it was a service


Sexy and Friendly



general details

Liz’s website is focused on erotic photography – she’ll take pictures of you and you can take pictures of her or you and her together. I chose to skip the photography and just had fun with her. She is considerably better looking in the face and body than most of the photographs of her (the photographer) on her website. In person she has a very sexy MILF look about her. Since she actually is a professional photographer, why she doesn’t have more attractive pictures of herself on her own website, I have no idea. In terms of the session, she’s open for almost anything you want to do. Her place is pretty messy. But if you can deal with that, you’ll have a very good time. VIPs – read on.

The Juicy Details

One of the best things about Liz is that she clearly loves sex and it definitely shows. No going through the motions or acting with this woman. She’s got a very nasty imagination and she’s up for just about anything from no holds barred straight sex to the sensually kinky to hardcore kinky (I didn’t partake in the hardcore kinky, but she made it clear that she loved it, if I had been interested). She also kisses very well, which I love. I asked her to take charge in the session and she did almost from the moment I walked in the door. She made me sit very still while she slowly undressed, teasing me with her very nice body. Following that, she ordered me to follow her to her bed where we kissed and fondled each other like old lovers. She insisted I lick her pussy, which she definitely enjoyed, as did I. We finished with me coming in her mouth (covered – my choice). She gives a great blow job. The only negative I’d say about Liz is that her place is very messy, with stuff strewn all over the place and her erotic toys lying around. She’s only lived there a couple of months, but even so. It’s reasonably clean I think, but much messier than you’d expect someone’s home to be. If you’re OK with that, Liz is a very sexy lady. I definitely enjoyed every minute of the no rush session.